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Spectrum District, Irvine, California
申博体育网 Irvine, California
Los Olivos Apartment Homes
澳门申博体育网 Irvine, California
The Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, California
澳门申博体育网 Newport Coast, California



With diversified operations throughout coastal California, Irvine Company brings to life neighborhoods and sustainable communities and is known best for its creation of the all-new City of Irvine and Newport Coast – one of America’s most desirable regions.

Company Profile


Irvine Company is committed to long-term ownership of a high-quality real estate portfolio, the breadth of which is unmatched in the industry.


The Irvine Company maintains a long tradition of philanthropy and environmental stewardship, supporting causes ranging from environmental preservation to education and scientific research.

Donald Bren Signing Hats
Donald Bren
Chairman of the Board


Pelican Hill Golf Course Sunset